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Names at Mean Beautiful Alana. e name Alana is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning handsome, cheerful. Alana, in all its various Alanis. e name Alanis is a girl's name meaning handsome, cheerful. Singer Alanis Morissette made is twist famous. Alanna. e name Alanna is a girl's name. 04,  · Uncommon Girl Names and eir Meanings. Abigail. Meaning my fa er's joy . In e Bible, Abigail was e wife of Kind David and was described as intelligent, beautiful, and loyal. Ainsley. Aria. is sweet name has many great meanings such as melody , lioness of God , or noble . Arabella. Lilac Meaning: Wi English origin, Lilac means 'Flowering pale purple shrub' Lillian Meaning: Wi Latin origin, Lillian means 'Pure' and is representative of e flower. Lily Meaning: Wi English origin, Lily means 'Pure' and is e symbol of innocence, purity and beauty. London Meaning: Representative of e city, which is derived from LondiniumAu or: Shannon Blanks. 28,  · e name Mabel is of Latin and English origin and e meaning of e name Mabel is beautiful, lovable and loving in Latin. While e short form of Amabel and amabel were widely used during e Middle Ages its usage became rare after e 15 century. Means bright, beautiful in Slavic and noble in Arabic. Alisa. Means great happiness in Hebrew. Alma. Means soul in Spanish. Alvin. Means noble friend, friend of e elvesin Old English. Amia. Derived from e Latin amour meaning love. Amity. Means friendship in English. Andreas. Also Andrea, Andrew. means strong and manly in Greek. Angelica. BELINDA f English e meaning of is name is not known for certain. e first element could be related to Italian bella beautiful. e second element could be Germanic lind meaning flexible, soft, tender (and by extension snake, serpent). Feb 20,  · If you wish to instill spark in e life of your baby girl right from bir, name her Levina, an English name meaning flash or lightning. 55. Lakhta. Having a name which means e essentially beautiful ornament usually worn by women, earring is an extremely unique and charming choice. e name is from Hindi language. 54. Lalitya. Girl Names Meaning Beautiful. Belle: A French word meaning fair and lovely one.Just like Belle in Beauty and e Beast! Sapphire: A Hebrew name meaning beautiful.Such as e precious sapphire stone! umi: From Japan meaning true beautiful wisdom. Lovely: Means attractive or beautiful especially in a graceful way.. Helen: Is Latin which means e most beautiful woman in e world. 11,  · ‘Beloved’ in French. It is one of e popular British names for girls. Anastasia ‘One who will be reborn’ or ‘resurrection’. Angelina ‘Angel’ or ‘messenger of God’. A more common version of e same name is Angela. Ani: Ornament, Beautiful, Variant of Anne / Ane: Anna ‘Grace’. Also used as a nickname for Annabelle: Anya. ,  · Literally meaning ‘beautiful’ e ‘bella’ part could be added to any name as a pretty tribute for your child. Isabella itself is a variation of Elizabe, meaning ‘devoted to God’ in Hebrew and is a popular name in royalty. You can find royal Isabellas in English, French, Portuguese and . 05,  · Baby girl names at mean 'dark' or 'night' are some of e most beautiful baby names in e world. is unusual name comes from Old English and means dark-haired. 08,  · Vashti: One more unique Persian name which has e meaning beautiful. Zinnia: is exotic flower name also has e meaning beautiful. Rosaleen: Ano er exclusive pick for your baby girl, is names denotes beautiful. Shayna: Try out is unique and lilting name for your little darling, which has e meaning beautiful. . Feb 25,  · Hughette is a French origin name for girls. e meaning of e name is ‘bright in mind and spirit’. Jeanne: Jeanne is a feminine form of John which means ‘God is gracious’. It is a French origin name for a beautiful girl. Jolene: Jolene is a female name wi French origin. e meaning of e name is ‘pretty’ in French. Lise. 26,  · One whi a beautiful smile: Hadleigh: English: Field of hea ers: Hana: Hebrew, Japanese: Flower or blossom, hope, happiness: Harmony: American: Concord: Harper: English: Who plays harp: Hazel: English: Name of a tree, commander: Hea er: English: Evergreen flowering plant: Heidi: American: Nobility: Helen: Greek: Most beautiful woman: Hilary: Latin: Cheerful, merry, happy: . Of unknown meaning. English. Elektra: Shining, bright, radiant. Greek meaning, or history, each of ese names will stir up some of e moxie you crave. Now when you ink of a badass girl name do you ink of a rockstar? Of course, you do! Beautiful Girl Names for Your Sweet Baby // 220 names. 09,  · e Meanings Behind ese Baby Girl Names Are Gorgeous. by Kim Grundy. But fear not: We’ve rounded up a ton of beautiful baby girl names wi great meanings you’re going to love. 11,  · Violet-an English name meaning viola. Willow-a name of English origin which means slender. Xana-a name which means hair of gold. Trendy and Popular Girl Names wi Meaning. We are now going to look at e most popular names from e last year and eir meanings. Apr 29,  · If you're having trouble picking a meaningful name for your baby, ere are so many beautiful names at are made even more lovely by eir meanings. Reed is an adorable girl’s name at is of Old English Origin at means A Reed or red-haired , yet ano er Old English name used also for boys as it is a uni name. . Sidney is a beautiful name for any baby girl. it means Wide Island and comes from e . When it comes to honoring your fai, Biblical girl names are an incredible source of inspiration and options. Biblical names aren’t a one-size-fits-all style ei er, as ere are cute girl names aplenty and serious picks alike. ey range in popularity as well from familiar faces like Rachel and Sarah to unique finds like Keturah and Rhoda.. Despite e texts being ousands of years old. 20,  · A a: Meaning strong, attractive, stylish, and e Esperanto form of y. Belle: Meaning a beautiful girl or woman, e origin of e phrase ‘Belle of e ball’ Rosalind: Originates from Latin and means ‘pretty rose.’ Venus: Was e name of e Roman goddess of beauty. Bonnie: From e French work ‘bonne’ meaning good but also a Scottish phrase used for pretty. In e past two ades, names wi suffixes, -mi (beautiful), -ka (fragrance) and -ko (child) have taken e top lists. For example, a name like Haru means spring, and adding a ‘ko’ will make it Haruko, which means e child of spring. Zayaan Name Meaning is Beautiful. Zayaan is a Muslim Girl name and has Arabic origin. Find Zayaan multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. e lucky number of Zayaan name is 5 and also find similar names. Below is a list of e most common British, American and Australian first names for girls and what ey mean. Perfect for anyone interested in choosing a name for a baby or for emselves! Find a Name for Your Baby e Meaning of Girls Names e Most Popular Babies' Names from English . 07,  · Elora – is beautiful girl name is of English origin, and means God gives e Laurel. e crown of victory. Fun fact – Elora is also e name of a city in Canada. Elowen – is is a modern Cornish name at means elm tree . Cornish is a language at is spoken by less an 1 of e population, but hopefully some of e names. for information on e history of English names for girls, for traditional girls’ names and much more. If you are also looking for an English Boy’s Name check out our partner website here. List of English Girl’s Names. Names D-I, Names J-M, Names N-S, Names T-Z. Here’s e 1st section e list of girl’s names. 07,  · Sweet Country Girl Names at Start wi R. Roseanna Origin: English and Hebrew Meaning: rose – name of a flower and Anna grace. flower of grace. Have you read: How long can I use bassinets for babies? Beautiful Country Girl Names at Start wi S. Sage Origin: Latin origin Meaning: wise. Savannah Origin: Spanish Meaning: treeless place. 27,  · is name means beautiful, radiant or joyful, and likely derives from e Gaelic word ‘aoibh’ meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘pleasure.’ In Irish my ology, Aoife . 05,  · e following beautiful baby names don't all have silly and/or ominous meanings like e above, of course, but eir origins and implications are different an you'd imagine from e sound of e name alone. Some of ese names are odd, some are interesting, and some are dark, but all are wor taking e time to ponder. Unique English Girl Names & Meanings. Boy. Girl. Boys & Girls. A You are now seeing English girls names from A to H. to see names from I to Z. Ada. Adda Ellyn (Bright one, Most beautiful woman) Elmira. Evaleen (Giver of life) Evalina (Giver of life) Evaline (Giver of life) Evalyn (Giver of life) Evanee (Young rior, Well. Gala - A beautiful Hebrew girl's name, is means happy and brave. Gerarda - is rare English name means brave woman wi a spear. Gi - is pretty Korean name means brave one. Keena - A lovely Irish name, is means brave girl. Luria - is English name means brave lioness. Rilea - An Irish name for girls, is means valiant woman.. us you want to choose e best and good meaning name ere. If you are finding a hard time getting e best Italian names for baby girls, you are just in luck because is article gives you 0 beautiful Italian girl names wi eir meanings. Check em out! See Also: 0 Trendy French Names And eir Beautiful Italian Girl Names. 1. e soft girl name is e English version of e French Aveline, and it made its top list debut in , according to Nameberry. Read more about e name Evelyn. Cool and Unique Boy Names. Take a look at e most popular Spanish girl names. In e following table, we show you e most beautiful Scottish girls names, eir meaning, and we even show you if ey are e most popular ones or not. Check out e best black baby girl names to consider in . 21,  · But aside from e medley of beautiful singular meaning names and names wi fashionable suffixes, ere is ano er popular trend in Japanese names for girls. Recently ere has been a rise in popularity for Japanese girl names at are very short such as Rei, Yui, Aoi, and Rio. 11,  · 200+ Irish Baby Names and Meanings for Boys and Girls. Congratulations on your baby boy or girl! Are you looking for at perfect name? Perhaps you have Irish roots or simply love e Irish language. Find e perfect name for e new addition to your family. Irish names are intricate, beautiful sounding, and wonderfully unique. Feb 28,  · Choosing a baby name can be stressful, especially if you want a meaningful name. Here are e best baby girl names wi meaning, whe er it's historical, biblical, or personal. e description is e meaning and history write-up for e name. arate search terms wi spaces. search for an exact phrase by surrounding it wi double quotes. example: lord of e rings will match names from e el ' e Lord of e Rings' is field understands simple boolean logic. 05,  · e name has been one of e top 500 baby names in e United States since 2009 and is a combination of e names Anna meaning gracious and Belle meaning beautiful. Surprisingly, Annabella is one of Hungary's most popular baby girl names, but it . Apr 09,  · Here are 20 baby names at mean beautiful, so you can celebrate at moment always. Girl baby names at mean beautiful. Bonnie is cute name at means beautiful and cheerful is derived from Scotland, where ey actually use is as a word in . Page 1 - Discover 00's of Old English Girl Names, tough boy names, Traditional names, unique, Rare and modern baby names in super Fun naming categories, baby name lists O ld english baby names and what ey mean, wi 237 results. Adoption of ese girl names was at its peak 9 ades ago (ADOPTION OF 11.75) and is somewhat lower today (ADOPTION 6.89, 41.4 LESS), wi names such as Kelsey becoming less fashionable. e most fashionable names for newborns in is compilation are Blake (279), Harley (225), Harper (9), Ivy (86) and Parker . 21,  · While most Chinese girl names have very peaceful and beautiful meanings—Fan’s one of e rare choices at are a little bolder. It means dangerous or le al. Fen. 02,  · Italian is e language of romance, and you can give your baby girl a beautiful Italian name at will make her sound like a princess. Here is a comprehensive list of cute, popular, unique, and traditional Italian girl names. 16,  · Meaning rose in Hebrew, is name is fitting for your sweet little babe. Jared Padalecki of Supernatural fame (and Dean for all you Gilmore Girls fans) is a celebrity wi is fresh name. 29. Indigo. Colour baby names (hey, Blue Ivy) are very on trend right now. is name originates from e deep-blue dye at comes from e indigo plant. 02,  · Below is a list of some of e popular Korean girls names you want to use to name your dhter: Dae: e great one Ae-Cha: Affectionate dhter Ahnjong: Peacefulness Bae: Inspiration Gi: e brave one Hana: My favourite Jin Ae: Tru, treasure, and love Mi Cha: My beautiful baby girl Soo: Charitable and noble dhter Yun: Lotus flower Similar to Chinese names, often Korean female names.

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